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So what does a CV do? How does it help you in getting a job that you are looking for? CV, not only helps you in getting a good job but it also is an indicator of what you have done in the past. Therefore, it is very important to have a well-crafted CV as your future depends on it. If you think, you More..
Cheap Hotel in London London, being one of the world’s most popular and biggest cities has some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world today. However, there are pocket friendly hotels to cater for those who earn low income. Identifying these hotels is one of the most difficult and tiresome process More..
Gamucci Company, one of the major electronic cigarette manufacturers founded by two brothers back then in 2006 is set to appoint Canaccord Genuity to help them realize an expansion worth about £20 million. This sort of expansion can come only when a company is making profit from their business More..
There was little or no impact noticed after the invention of electronic cigarettes in the sixties and hardly can one understand what the reason was. It was just about 10 years ago things started changing for the better with the evolution of more than 250 brands available in diverse flavors such as w More..
Liquidate a Company There are three different was to Liquidate a Company. If the Company is insolvent on a cash flow basis, then creditors’ voluntary liquidation or compulsory liquidation will be appropriate. If the company is solvent and requires winding up, then members’ voluntary liquidation is appropria More..
Winding up Petition After receiving a Winding up Petition, your company will soon be placed into liquidation and put out of business. Sometimes it is possible to dismiss the petition with the help of experts. The most important thing is to act immediately. Every moment you wait to take action lowers the chances of savi More..
Whichever kind of bathroom you have, attaining a look of elegance can easily be acquired by installing a free standing bath. Whether it is for your own pleasure so as to get in and soak yourself for as long as you want after a long days work or simply for bathing your young ones, you can instill sty More..
In days when recession took over the control and people try every option that indicates a chance for recovery, running a business is one of the risky things which one can do. Despite all this, it is sometimes worth trying and being persistent in improving the situation. The main factors that cause b More..
Check this tips on how to lower your electricity bill in your house One of the biggest questions in peoples’ minds as far as energy needs are concerned is how to get cheap electricity bills. Utilities have no doubt become more and more expensive as time goes by and there are no signs that they will get cheap any time soon. Through thorough searching, it is ind More..
When I added this post - Do not fall for lieMAX: The fake IMAX  - I didn't realize the interest it would generate in people and never realized how many others had the same beef as me.  The list I prepared in the post above was taken from a different source and is supposed to be a list of More..
I am a die hard fan of the Bourne movies, specifically the first three movies in the series - The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum with the first one being my all time favorite movie of all time!!! I cannot tell the number of times I have watched the movie and still fee More..
A must watch Telugu Movie? SVSC – Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu –   A must watch Telugu Movie? Is watching a movie always for Entertainment – just to pass time and laugh?  How many of the current Indian movies achieve this goal? Also, what can movies show case and entice movie buffs? &nb More..
Common Sense Rules!!! The time has come and it has been decided. President Barack Obama has been re-elected! The fact that his re-election was in so much doubt until almost this evening is a sign of how much negative right wing propoganda has maligned his name even though the analysts were shaking their heads. Here is More..
Looks like the electronic gods over at Best Buy have listened, pondered and decided to influence the people of Best Buy to consider one of my odd brain sprouts!  Six months ago, I rambled about how big box stores can compete with Amazon. One of the ideas was price-matching and here's what I wr More..
Another day, another update. The site has been undergoing several minor changes for the past three months but I thought it was time to point out a change that is different from when the site launched. When I first launched the site, I had the socially popular "Like" button for every post. But it se More..
Mom's recipe Today, I made Tofu masala. My Mom prepares it regularly and I like it, as it's a healthy alternative to Paneer! The flavor and taste is very similar to Paneer. Tastes delicious when served with Roti or Paratha. Tofu - 2 Cups (cubed)Onions - 1 (pureed)Tomato - 1 (pureed)Snow peas - 1 cupGinge More..
Time for another update. In my last update, I mentioned that adding multiple categories to a post was the next thing being worked on. While that is the case, I got feedback from some users who mentioned that the site lacked basic search functionality. I originally didn't think that it would become More..
Not the Pro version I needed to merge a bunch of small clips into one clip for a DVD project and after a lot of googling and gathering tips, this one turned out to be the easiest. All we need is the basic version of QuickTime player that is available by default in OS X. There were other links explaining how to do this More..
Complete list of Real IMAX theaters listed When I watched The Amazing Spider-Man a couple of weeks back, one of the things I was not impressed with, in addition to the movie, was the IMAX screen. I didn't get what IMAX was about at least when I was watching this movie. Now I know why, it wasn't the real IMAX screen but a newer, smaller IMAX More..
So we saw the The Amazing Spider-Man this weekend. It generated quite a buzz and moolah all over the world and is well on its way to be termed as a summer blockbuster. I am not a professional movie critic so I am not going to act like one and just say what I felt as a regular moviegoer. Comparisons More..
Here are some updates as I promised in my last post. The main update that I want to mention is Custom Categories. As I had said in my last post, the concept of Group blogging or social publishing will not work if the authors do not have the flexibility of creating their own topics to put their post More..
If you are planning to build an App or a Web application, chances are you will need a server environment that can manage your data and content. Most needs are satisfied by Shared hosting providers like GoDaddy, 1and1, HostGator etc. But if you see yourself looking signing up the Virtual Servers or D More..
Back in 2009, my father was in the hospital after getting a stroke and I was sharing the hospital duties with my family. My constant companion there was my beloved Vaio laptop. It being a hospital and with the nature of situation, I needed something to distract and re-align me in the time of crisis, More..
So to explain, STEM Visa is a new Visa that was introduced into the Senate by two Republican (Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)) and two Democratic (Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Chris Coons (D-Del.)) senators last week.  What this Visa aims to do? - Simply put, it makes every student wh More..
A few weeks back, I posed a question to anybody who was listening about the Facebook IPO. Today, I got the answer, sort of. Facebook bagan trading publicly starting at $38.00 which was higher than their initial pricing range of $28 - $35 which was then upped to $34 - $38. So at $38, it was at the t More..
A random thought I had these days when trying to hire somebody for a new programming role was - what are the qualities of a good programmer? The most obvious things that someone would look at are advertised skills and expertise of the candidate but in my opinion, there are far more subtle yet defini More..
Paris and Amsterdam 7 April - saturday Boarded British airways on Friday April 6th from LAX around 3:30 pm. Reached Paris Orly airport on 7th around 4 pm. Took air France bus to reach Montparnesse gare and checked into the hotel Pavilion Losserand around 5:30 pm. Tried to take a nap but the excitement was too big to s More..
A few thoughts about Blueseed I have a very strong interest in the StartUp arena and for a while I have been sort of following bits of news about the Blueseed program whenever it appeared in news. For those who don't know what it is, it is an incubator program for Start-Ups - meaning a place where budding startups can go and ... More..
The best part of The Avengers, which is the coming together of several of Marvel's superheroes, is not the CGI or the action scenes. It is the Super Heroes themselves, when they are not super-heroing! To give a background - The Avengers - Iron Man (Robert Downey jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), More..
This summer's line-up of movies looks exciting. It may just be me but I think we have a better range compared to the last couple of years, where we had a few good movies like Planet of the Apes, Battle LA and some like Captain America and Green Lantern which were more like fillers. This time it look More..
For a long time, I was wondering why they were rebooting Spider-Man and now I can't wait for the movie to come out. The new trailer has a couple of interesting awesome things I am looking forward to. A Leaner and Faster Spider-ManIf you see the trailer, you will know. I thought the previ More..
Although Apple doesn't officially say it on it's website, all the latest MacBook Pros support upto 16GB RAM. I think they have a good reason not to be very vocal about it as it may not always be optimally used as I learnt a few days back. I upgraded my 13" 2011 MacBook Pro with a 16GB RAM recently More..
Why Apple may not have to be the next Sony, not that there is anything wrong with it! I came across an article in the news today and it was pretty widely covered all over. George Colony, (I know!! It's almost like Clooney but it isn't, but that's beside the point..), wrote an article on his blog basically saying that Apple will be the next Sony. First, I was trying to figure out wha More..
We are having our second kid on the block in a few months, and I am already worried about expenses. Diapers reduce in packet size and get expensive as your child gets older. Luckily I heard childcare gets cheaper as your child grows. Ping in 4 yrs and I will let you know. I track my finances very c More..
Canon T2i, T3i, 60D, 7D Can somebody please put a detailed analysis whether to buy a T2i, T3i, or go for either a 60D or 7D? Please analyse lenses too if possible. What cames them so exensive. How different is the picture from a DSLR and regular point and shoot camera with same picture resolution? e.g. 18MP T2i and coolpi More..
Tangled Disney on Ice - Dare to dream is a magical, mesmerizing and amazing Ice skating show with many of the Disney characters we all grew up with. Recently we took our 3 yr old daughter to Reliant Stadium, Houston to watch her latest favorite character Rapunzel from Tangled. It was a breeze to park and we More..
Mortgage interest Many homeowners are in the dilemma whether to pay down debt sooner, or refinance to 15%. Indians prefer to be debt free as soon as possible and its a big relief on their shoulders when they pay off a loan. Its also considered an achievement and they work extra hard to pay the mortgage interest.  More..
Birthday parties, baby showers, etc A friend from INDIA who recently landed in USA asked me "What is the appropriate amount of gift card he can take for a kids Birthday party". He was really confused as the receiving guys seem to be well off and he was worried that his gift would be un-noticed or worse be detrimental to their relation More..
Goan Chicken Curry is a tasty dish prepared using a combination of coconut mixture and spices along with chicken pieces. Coconut, in all forms is widely used in Goan cuisine.Ingredients: Unsweetened shredded Coconut: 75g/30z/1 1/2 cups Vegetable oil: 2 tbsp Cumin seeds: 1/2 tsp Fennel seeds: 1 More..
Chicken Biryani is among the favorite recipes of India. Preparing this recipe is quite simple (unlike the elaborated time-consuming process). The recipe turns out to be the best when the ingredients are marinated properly. Here are the ingredients that are required to make the Hyderabadi Chicken Bir More..
Friday Dinners My experience on our dinner at Aling's Hakka Noodles Chinese Cuisine in Sugar Land Texas on APril 13 2012 ... We decided to have a dinner at Aling's Restaurant Friday (yesterday) evening.  The drive was about 30-minutes. The speciality of the restaurant is the Indo-Chinese food with a tangy an More..
Everything is being made social nowadays - shopping, blogging, publishing, petitioning are just some. All these things are great in bringing people together but not great at rewarding them back. Sure I get a few more contacts and followers in my kitty, but what next? I think there are some who have More..
Have you ever checked out a product in a store first and then went ahead and bought it on, after you got the physical feel of the product? I am guilty of that and I actually did the opposite too. I checked out the reviews of items on Amazon and then went and bought it in a store because I More..
A collection of idiosyncracies that are unique only to India. Proud to be an Indian and I think a little self-deprecating humor is harmless.  See and enjoy! More..
The Tyler Clementi/Dharun Ravi web cam spying case has gripped a good part of the country. Dharun Ravi was found guilty of all 15 counts charged against him which included Invasion of Privacy and Bias intimidation. 20 year old Ravi might get 10 years of prison and/or could be deported to India as pe More..
Before there was that monstrosity called Aliens vs Predators: Requiem, or the slightly better Alien vs Predator or the forgettable Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection, there was Aliens & Alien. But before that, is Prometheus. Alien & Aliens were made by two masters of the filmcraft, Ridley S More..
See Ohio's Road to recovery in this graphic from the Obama-Biden campaign. Original graphic is available on the Obama for America campaign site. More..
For the people who seem to have short term memory loss or have some amazing assumptions about why he won, they should watch this video. America needs a President like Barack Obama. America needs Barack Obama, now more than ever. More..
Barack Obama should win again. And here's a common man's reasoning as to why - The Economy is really improvingRegardless of what the republicans or the ignorants are saying, the economy is really improving. Job growth has been steadily rising for the past 23 months. The real estate market is improv More..
A mobile payment solution For all those who need the flexibility of accepting payments through a credit card, there's a new option from PayPal called PayPal Here. So now, if you are having a yard sale or want to sell your home made cup cakes at your local fair, you can pull out your phone and start accepting credit cards! More..
Using Facebook C# SDK I struggled for a long time to figure out how to post to a Page on Facebook (not my personal profile) and not as the currently logged in user. After spending a lot of time going over the Facebook developers documentation, Facebook C# SDK and James Crowley came to my aid. Here's the link that helped More..
The latest version of iPad has been unveiled by Apple at an official event in California. The device comes with some upgrades but I find a lot of these personally very underwhelming. These are supposed to be natural upgrades for a device like this. No major game changing innovations. Well, read on - More..
Start-Up Chile is an innovative program sponsored by the Government of Chile, executed by CORFO (The Chilean Economic Development Agency), via InnovaChile. The idea behind the program is simple - Entrepreneurs can apply to the program with their ideas,  If their application is ac More..
Wow!! What a.... wow!! I got almost all of them correct!! Check my post here. The only one that I missed was by a whisker! Maybe you guys should have gone betting with my choices, if you read it in the first place, that is!! Here are the winners - Best Movie - The Artist (as I said) Best Actor&n More..
Here are my predictions for Oscar 2012 coming up tonight. Totally Guessing. Totally Random. Don't go betting with these, I will claim all ignorance. Best ActorGeorge Clooney for "The Descendents" (I am rooting for him, although I have a feeling that guy from Artist might be the surprise. I dont lik More..
I wish this one becomes a reality! CiccareseDesign is an Italian design company that has come up with this concept of iPhone 5. Not sure how old this concept is but I just ran into it and really like it. Looks like a slimmer version of the Magic Mouse but I dont mind the similarity. It may even work better ergonomically if you are us More..
I recently read the news about Facebook IPO and for a while I wondered why Facebook should be worth so much. Why should a site that really doesnt sell a tangible product be worth as much as $100b? I understand now - building a social network isn't easy. You can't buy users. For a user to like your More..
Naani Samantha Ruth Prabhu I think this trailer is brilliant, could be another nice musical from Ilayaraja and Gautam Menon More..
Skywalk, Grand Canyon Funny pose on the Skywalk bridge in Grand Canyon West Rim More..
Music The funeral for pop superstar Whitney Houston will be held Saturday at her childhood New Jersey church, according to the owner of the funeral home handling the arrangements. The service is set for noon at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, according to Carolyn Whigham of Whigham Funeral Home. The More..
A semi intelligent ramble on the usefullness of Q! The letter Q in the English alphabet is the one letter that I find completely useless!Think about it, there is no word in the english language where Q is not supplemented with another letter to support its use or cannot be replaced with another letter and make the same sound.For example -A More..
NYC in Twilight This is a photo of New York city while on a Circle line Harbor lights cruise. Checkout details about the cruise here. More..
A mini review of the famous New York City river tour We went on the Harbor Lights river cruise in July. Summer is actually not a good time to go on this cruise as the sun doesnt set until after 8pm and therefore you almost never get to see the "Harbor Lights".  Luckily the sky was beautiful on the day of our cruise and I was able to capture some More..
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